on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am making slippers today
from a piece of wool I felted last week.

I made a trial slipper from a piece of fabric that was in my scrap basket.
I wanted to make sure my slippers would fit.
Once I get the pattern right and learn the technique
I would like to make a pair of silk slippers.

The felted wool is thick.
These should be very warm.
I will put the binding on by hand.

I would like to learn Stumpwork Embroidery.
I have begun to gather my beads and threads.

I dusted off my embroidery box.
Bees on silk slippers and dragonflies on silk bags sound lovely.

Perhaps I could embroidery a garden scene with butterflies and lavender.

I could wear my garden on my sleeve when the weather is cold and the skies are grey.

Wearable art is exciting!