Fiber Friends

on Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am keeping track of my fiber meetings in my fiber "spirit" journal.
I am writing down the names and telephone numbers of my new fiber friends.
I am recording my purchases.
I am writing down the dates of all the fiber events.
I want to go to them all.

This is a photograph of some llama roving.
My friends say it felts nicely.

Today I met an Alpaca rancher.
She sells alpaca yarn and roving.
I ordered some.
It also felts nicely.

An alpaca show is coming to my city in March.
I am planning on going.

One of the members of the felting group makes wood scarf pins.
I bought this one today.
It is made out of Osage Orange wood.

Bowling balls spring up all over my friend's gardens.
Her husband seems to grow them.

Every where I looked today I saw felt.

I am gathering junk mail to make paper.
I am reading about how to make silk paper.

The forced tulips are in bloom.

I did not do any project today.
I played with fiber friends.
I laughed and had fun.