on Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The light
is soft in the Surprise Lilies

and the cone flowers.

The light seems to bounce about in the zinnias

and the bee balm.

The Gold Finches have a light of their own.

I have finished knitting my first yarn from Flora,
the Paco-Vicuna, I visited last month.

I designed a simple garter stitch scarf for my friend.
The bow detail is the tail from when I casted on my first stitches.
I am knitting another Flora scarf for me.
I once again will be knitting the simple plain stitch.
I am interesting in showing Flora's fiber
not how cleaver I am with the knitting needles!
The garter stitch scarves will hold up nicely.

The light seems to bounce from the yarn.
The yarn so soft.
When I walk this Autumn I will be warmed by Flora.
I will be connected with my friend in England.