Chasing Bees and Butterflies

on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Butterflies are teasing me.

They float through the gardens
 beckoning to me.

I grab the camera.
The butterflies are gone.

The scent of the Lilacs beckons me.
No teasing, only enchantment.

I finished the little girl dolly.
I have put up the felted wool.
I have a new project to work on.

I think I am ready to make bees.

I am gathering my supplies.

I am so excited.
Once I make a few bees I will be able
to make other bugs!
I want to make beaded
flowers and bugs too.

I am saving all my chipped
and broken ceramic items.
One of these days I will have enough
for a project.
I have cut out squares of embroidered
netting to make covers for the ice tea pitcher,

 sherbet cups and creamer.

My hand sewing this coming week
shall be to finish the edges and add beads.

I love reading about the crafts
of other cultures.

A sense of place comes to me

and I feel connected.

Hand sewing what I need

delights me.