Another week of heat

on Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Cone Flowers are finishing up early this year.
With no rain and temperatures in the upper 90's to 100 F their seeds are ripening.
The Gold Finches do not mind.

The Gold Finches and Cone Flowers are one of my favorite parts of Summer.

I love watching them get seed.

A few morning clouds blew over.
No rain.
A Black Swallowtail beckoned me into the sun.

A female Tiger Swallowtail made me forget the heat.

She magically appeared when I was getting ready to go inside.

She is another reason why I love Summer.

I cut out a summer nightgown.

It will sew up quickly.

I am looking forward to making a few silk pieces
for Autumn.
This outfit will be fun to make.

I found a new shop.
I think I will go through my fabric stash.
I am sure I have fabric I will never sew up.
They give store credit.

The Monarchs are starting to come to the Butterfly bush.
I always enjoy watching them.

I want to stay in love with Summer.
I am determined not to let the heat and dryness take away my joy.

There are 95 days from Summer Solstice
to Autumn Equinox. I have decided to find 95 loves.
I am making a list and taking photographs of all that I love about Summer.

I am gathering hearts.

I am finding the beauty in this heat.
We hung our new eggplant sheets
 out on the line.
Sun dried sheets are a luxury.

The Cicadas are singing.
A few Fireflies are still out at dusk.