Cool Down

on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Carolina Wren is so cute.

I always smile when he is about.

The Hackberry butterfly

enjoyed the banana I put out.

This afternoon I brought out the scrapbook I am working on.
 I made it from the shopping bags I acquired while on vacation.
Today I used an awl and punched holes through the folded paper.
I made a binding with yarn from my 2010 road trip.

Now I am working on each page.
I'll need another crafting session before I am finished.

I finished my nightgown.
Next sewing project is to make a hat liner.
This straw hat is too uncomfortable
 without some sort of inner band.
I had a piece leftover from my nightgown.
I will see what I can do.

While crafting I heard the Wind Harp.
It has been months
 since I heard her sweet song.
It only plays when the wind is out of the north.
I saw a few berries beginning to ripen in the Dogwood.
Autumn is winking at us.
Tonight it is to be in the low 60's.
I just had to be outside.
It was too lovely to be indoors.

When end of Summer days are cool
it is easy to love Summer.

The Hummers will be here for another couple of months.
I want to spend as much time with them as I can.
The butterflies will leave too in just a couple of months.
I will sew and finish my scrapbook when it rains again.
I want to be outside in the gardens.
I want to be with the bugs and the birds.