Full of Life

on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am getting more photographs ready
 for Bird Sings.
Cards have been doing very well.
We are now going into a product line.
I do like royalty checks.

I needed a break from going through photographs
so I grabbed the camera and went outside.

A Giant Butterfly was in the butterfly bush.

And so was a Monarch.

A Carolina Wren
and a juvenile Northern Cardinal came to the deck.

The sunflower garden continues to bring much pleasure.
It was cooler today, high in the low 90's.
Much better than 107F!

I replenished the sugar water in my butterfly nectar pots.

Luffa is an interesting plant to grow.
When my friend grew it years ago I remember it was huge vine.

I made red cabbage mini roses for our table.

and a new tablecloth with napkins.
I needed something for August.
Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.
I hope so.
We need it.
The gardens need a good long drink.
They are full of life.