on Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am gathering my wools.
I want to do folk art applique.
I am gathering ideas for doll making this winter.

I am gathering ideas for what to do with old sweaters.

I have a cowl on my knitting needles.
They are an easy to wear hat and scarf all in one.
I saw some wool hooked rugs while at the festival last weekend.
I fell in love with them.

I think I could make a hooked rug.
I will need felted wool, a hook and some backing.

I love the idea of doing up a coat in applique.

Even just a sleeve would be great.
Wearable art appeals to me.
I am listening to music that is played with a theremin.
Spooky, strange, wonderful music.
I think I could play a theremin.
We covered the gardens with plastic.
It is to freeze tonight.
We decided to save the marigolds and the squash.

I requested Hocus Pocus from the library.
I think it will be fun to watch a movie while we watch the temperatures drop.