Honoring our inner Artist

on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Carole sent me a lovely card.
I am not sure how we found each other but
I am so happy we did.
She lives in Australia.
Her blog Origa-me Origa-me is a festival of inspiration.
Thank you Carol.

The Fiber and Weavers Guilds of Kansas City
are having their annual show and sale.
I think I will ask a girlfriend if she would like to go.

My husband and I had our Artist Date
on Friday night last week.

It was very fun!
I found a company that specializes in providing responsible building supplies. We are just beginning to plan our new countertops and back splashes in the kitchen.
I shall be looking into using recycled glass.

I am so pleased we found these shops.

It is "art"  that makes my heart dance.
I am honoring my artful ways.

I brought up my November scrapbook.

There are so many ways to express.

While walking about last Friday night we met a troupe
of Fae from the Wildwood.

I was inspired to get my books out.

I requested more books from the library.

While I was sitting outside with the birds, my camera
and my books today I realized that my relationship with the birds
is part of my art.
Hairy, the Woodpecker, is still shy.
I think he will learn to trust me and my suet!
I will continue to take his photograph.

The female Northern Cardinal.
knows me.
Her portrait I have photographed many times.
We are friends.
I am not sure how we met
 but I am so happy we did.