Felted Christmas Tree

on Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have been looking forward to today.
I have been thinking about how I wanted to make my felted
Christmas Tree.
I cut 14 triangles out of the forest green merino wool sweater
I felted last week.
I sewed them together and refelted the fabric in the kitchen sink.

I created a drying frame from a dowel and some florist foam that I put in a pot.
While the tree began to dry I felted some of the scrapes in my scrap box.

I began to soft sculpture little ornaments.
I did balls for the tree tips. These I hope to needle felt onto my tree.
I bought the small drying frame at the thrift store yesterday. I thought it would be an attractive way to dry small felted things. I am out of room so everything has to be decoarative as well as useable!

A felted rose from a scrap! I think I will add some small seed pearls or beads to Miss Rose.

All this month I will be working on the felted Christmas tree.
I think needle felting ornaments will be so fun!
I also can do some stumpwork embroidery ornaments.
I think making a tree is a great way to learn!

I will share each week as the felted Christmas Tree
grows and becomes
a sampler.
I am closing up the sewing machine until January.
I am bringing out my sewing box.