Out of space!

on Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My hat books arrived yesterday.
I am looking for a class on the art of millinery.

Hannah's hat band form also arrived.
I hung it on the wall. I am out of space!
I need a studio!

I felted five green sweaters today.
They are drying.
I am thinking of making a felted Christmas tree.

I needed moth chasers for the orange wool hats.
I did up three small bags of lavender and rosemary for the hat boxes.
I like to do these for all the wool hats and sweaters.
I also am gathering my craft books.
I need to get organized!

I contacted the Weavers and Fiber Guild of Kansas City.
They met once a month.
If the weather permits I would like to join them in January.
I would like to be with other people who love fiber.