First Spinnings

on Friday, March 6, 2009

I took my first spinnings
and placed them in a bowl.
I treasure them.

I know they are knubby and need to be washed and the twists set.
I know they are not fine yarn.
They are my first spinnings.

I bought my first pair of knitting needles today.
They are made of rose wood and have mother of pearl inlaid tops.
I would love to learn to knit.

I wanted a pair of spinning wheel earings and a necklace.
Something to wear to guild meetings. I bought a few sterling silver charms on e-bay.

I bought jewelery making tools and made my earings.
That was fun.

While I had my tools out I made a couple of silver book marks.

I started on my March box.
It is an old wood box I found in the basement.
I shall decorate it with the motifs of March.

It feels good to be creating again.