on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My little red cotton night dress
had a few worn out spots on the elbow.
I had stopped wearing it last year.
It has been in my mending basket ever since.

It is my favorite sleep dress.
My husband gave it to me years ago.
When a little hole developed I placed a heart over it.

Today I emptied the mending basket.
I saw her in the bottom.
I thought of all sorts of patches.
I finally decided to make short sleeves.

I tightened all the buttons.
I laid my night gown on the bed and admired her.
I have a feeling of satisfaction.
I almost threw her in the rag basket last year.
I thought I could just replace her.

I have changed my idea of mending.
No longer is it for making do, it is for restoring.
My spirit feels restored.
Mending can be a creative expression too.
It's all in my attitude!