on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making these pincushions has been very fun.
I have two more to make before I begin something else.
I will give these to friends come next October.

I have been using a divided
wooden serving bowl to help keep the little pieces of this and that I have needed for my pincushions organized.

Each one is a little bit different.

I miss the bugs in the winter.
That is one reason I am teaching myself
 hand sewing so I can do applique and quilting.

I want to make bees

and butterflies.

I am gathering my embroidery floss

 and my beads.

I am gathering patterns.

I am organizing my fabric.

I am making a plan.

I made a couple of charm bracelets.

I took an old broken rosary and added a clasp
 and a couple of medals.

I added more charms to my Cowgirl charm bracelet.
I wear it all the time!

I did a fun bracelet
for Christmas.
Hope you are having crafting fun.