Wabi Sabi

on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wabi Sabi is a way of life.
I enjoyed the collages in this book.

I enjoy Haiku.

The collages have inspired me to make collages out of junk mail.

I shall be making valentines from my collages.

Becoming a waste free household means I need to have all sorts of ideas on how to use the raw materials that come my way.

I am thinking about paper crafts.

I shall never look at a stray sock 
the way I once did!

These are so very cute!

Socks as friends works for me!

My imagination 

is having a fun time!
I am wondering what I will 
come up with for stray gloves?
Pocket friends are delightful!

I have begun a felted 
wool crazy quilt.

My first square is from my first felted wool
piece I did a few years ago
and a velvet leaf that was in 
with some of my Grandmother's things.
I love my hand sewing at night.
It is wabi sabi.