on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Each day I walk around the yard with one of the cameras.
Today I took the macro lens out.
I love working with my cameras and the different lens
and the light of Spring.

I like the idea of using what is at hand
to create bird houses.
I like creating with seeds.
I have planted my salad bowls with
Swiss Chard and Red Oak Leaf letuuce.
I did two bowls for Easter centerpieces.

The Robins have claimed the raisins.
The Mocking Birds sneak in when the Robins are distracted for a few quick bites.

I might have to set up another raisin spot.

The birds are keeping me occupied while I wait for sprouts and bees and butterflies.
My husband captured one of the moles
that has been tunneling in the flower beds.
We relocated him far from our gardens.
I have been doing my mending during my
 evening hand sewing time.
I am gathering once again for a krafty kitten day.

I am being French inspired.