A sweater upcycled

on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The old yellow sweater has a new life.
The Frog is a book sitter.
I have a mate for her cut out and ready to sew up.
They may become bed sitters.

The little bear, Yolanda, stands on one of the shelves in the bedroom.
She will scent a hat box once she tires of standing.

I made a pair of leg warmers and this reverseable headband hat.
I have few sweater scrapes for quilting or using for applique.

From a wool felted sweater I made another headband hat
and cut out two little bears.
I have my hand sewing set up for the week.
I do enjoy designing my little critters.

I have brought up all my broken costume jewelery.

I have gone through the button tins.
I am ready to make up a few pieces of jewelry with a touch of
French design.

These quilts are gorgeous.
Maybe someday I too will be able to create a gorgeous quilt!

I am in love with Provence.
The French Country style appeals to every part of me!